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Increasing Capabilities and ROI:

Don’t let your personal or business goals go unattained.  No matter what your goals are or how good your strategic plan is to achieve the goals, training must be a key component of your plan for success.  If individuals or groups of individuals lack the knowledge, skills, or abilities to achieve desired goals, tremendous resources can be wasted and your competitive edge will be diminished.  TPG can expand your individual or collective knowledge, skills, and abilities, thus increasing your capabilities for innovation and success. 

ROI Analysis
Investments in staff development are costly.  TPG personnel are certified in assessing the Return on Investment (ROI) made by an organization on training programs.  During challenging economic times, it is even more essential that every dollar and every minute expended has its impact.  Ensure your time and money invested in training is yielding the results that you desire.  Let our ROI analysis help ensure the intent of your staff development efforts is being realized.

Developing Strategic Partnerships
TPG personnel can help small entities grow their business through the cultivation of strategic partnerships throughout their communities and their business sector.  Network analysis and other efforts can be undertaken to help grow your business consistent with your strategic plan.

Organizational Development
Developing or sustaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace means that an entity must be poised to excel in tomorrow’s marketplace.  Efforts to ensure an organization is capable and ready to adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges can be guided by TPG. This includes improving:

  • Interpersonal and group processes
  • Effective communication practices
  • Abilities to cope with various organizational problems
  • Effective decision processes
  • Development of appropriate leadership styles.

SWOT Analysis
Analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that organizations face in different situations can be extremely useful for gaining a competitive advantage.  Whether it is for reviewing strategy, market position, direction of a business proposition, or marketing idea, TPG can provide objective guidance for organizations not skilled in such analyses.

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