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The training, planning, and consulting services offered by The Toms Professional Group provide a myriad of solutions for different clients and different needs. For example,  Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) training solutions are available, as well as fully customizable training seminars and programs for individuals, groups/teams, and organizations.

The following represents the core services provided by TPG.  Each of these services can provide solutions for our clients.  To better understand how The Toms Professional Group can utilize these core services to help you or your organization, click on the links at the bottom of this page.

TPG offers learning opportunities in a number of ways to address your unique needs.  Whether you are an organization with the desire to host on-site training for your supervisors and managers as you invest in your leadership development efforts, or you are an individual who would like to engage in a seminar based training module to learn more about, for example, how to cope with change, TPG offers a variety of training settings, including scenario-based, action learning, and blended training programs.  TPG can also conduct objective needs assessments for your organization’s training agenda.

The experience of TPG’s key persons can help:

  • Individuals plan their careers
  • Teams be more productive
  • Organizations increase their capabilities through a series of planning steps and analysis of business processes. 

Challenging business times can present uncertainty for organizations.  Consultative services provided by TPG focus on a multitude of areas, including organizational development and diagnosing workforce allocation efforts to increase an organization’s ability to be agile and develop its ability to be more innovative.  Coaching for individuals can also help persons become more resilient in these tough economic conditions and develop their professional portfolios.

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