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Survey Administration
A number of needs assessments can be driven by the administration of instruments to gather information.  Whether it is to identify gaps in training, measure the impact of interventions, develop assessment plans for coachees, identify core competencies for training programs, or to aid culture-building or organizational development efforts, TPG can assist your organization.  Our personnel are experienced and certified to administer, analyze, and interpret various surveys and instruments that could help your organization maximize its resources and energy.
Leadership Development
Maximize your investment in your most important resource…your people.  TPG can offer your organization one of its Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) training solutions for new supervisors or utilize a customized program of leadership development for on-site training.  You can also take advantage of TPG’s seminar-based modules that can enhance a developing leader’s portfolio.  TPG has a number of solutions to assist your organization with its leadership development challenges.

Organizational Development
Today’s tumultuous economy makes for challenging times in every organization.  Organizations that do not adapt and change to adjust to their external environments often find themselves following the pack as opposed to leading the pack.  Ensure your organization is capable and ready to adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.  TPG can help your organization cope with internal and external forces by improving your organization’s:

  • Interpersonal and group processes
  • Lines of  communication
  • Abilities to cope with various organizational problems
  • Effective decision processes
  • Leadership styles.

Strategic Planning
No matter what the size of your organization, strategic planning is critical to the future of your operations.  For larger or more complex organizations, facilitated strategic planning workshops can help your organization maintain its “big picture” focus, while ensuring your vision trickles down to the various operations throughout the organization.  For smaller or emerging companies, strategic planning workshops facilitated by TPG can help you grow your company or organization while you are devoting more of your time to operational issues.  Let TPG focus your energies by facilitating your strategic planning needs.

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