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Managing Risks:

Internal Controls
Assurance that existing internal controls are in place and are being adhered to in the workplace are important to many organizations.  Internals controls should reflect best practices as well as actual and potential risks.  TPG can ensure your internal controls are sufficient and are properly implemented.
Properly evaluating risks and developing a practical needs assessment to identify training gaps or ineffective training are essential to risk management.  Training programs designed and implemented by TPG will help minimize risks, especially in areas of practice that occur infrequently but present a high level of vulnerability.

Fraud Awareness and Detection
Developing fraud awareness programs and strong policies (with organizational support) can minimize your exposure to fraud and internal theft.  TPG programs and policies, along with audits, surveillance, and other measures can help provide assurance to principals about the state of their organization.  Some of these same programs can provide you with reasonable assurances about the principals and status of organizations you are considering conducting business with or entering into a strategic partnership.  Our ability to conduct due diligence examinations reduces your risk by limiting your exposure to fraudulent business practices, litigation, and a damaged reputation.

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