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Coaching for individuals outside of the organizational setting can include the appraisal of existing skills, usually through the administration of surveys or other instruments, along with interviews and other assessments.  Coaching plans include the expansion of an individual’s core competencies consistent with a recommended competency plan and portfolio development for enhanced recruitment potential.  

Don’t let your personal goals go unattained.  No matter what your goals are or how good your plan is to achieve those goals, training must be a key component of your plan for success.  If you lack the knowledge, skills, or abilities to achieve either your personal goals or the business objectives you need to achieve to be successful within your organization or marketplace, TPG can help.  The Toms Professional Group can help expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities, thus increasing your capabilities for innovation and success. 

Leadership Development
Real leaders work on their leadership skills.  Authors James Kouzes and Barry Posner of The Leadership Challenge assert that individuals should be spending a minimum of 50 hours annually on personal and professional development.  This is less than half the amount of time the best organizations invest in their leadership candidates.  How much time do you invest in yourself?  Increase your value in this knowledge economy by investing in yourself with The Toms Professional Group.  Let TPG’s leadership development series give you the competitive edge in being the best leader possible!

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